Artist Profile

Winnie Tam is a wire artist and the founder of Winnie the Wire Artist, who established her wire art brand in early 2014.

Studying to become an architect a decade ago, Winnie gradually shifted the focus to wire design. She transforms wire into infinite art forms with her unique sense of aesthetics, expressing people’s stories or gratitudes to their loved ones. Her works scale from palm-size accessories and jewellery, up to home decor and even art installation. 

Her clients include Dior, MaxMara, Swire, Pullman Hotel, Marymount Primary School and more. We design customized gifts, souvenirs and provide on-site art service including workshops.

In 2020, her jewellery extension was launched, exploring the beauty in continuity with 14k gold-filled and 925 sterling silver wire. Learn more about her jewellery at




Aluminium wire is widely used in our artworks. Originally in matt silver, various colours are available with enamel coating. It is easy to shape and light-weight, suitable for accessories, table decor, etc. Perfect material for beginners to work with.



We use copper wire for bookmark making, for its tough property. Bare copper is found in reddish-brown; it will naturally tarnish, adding a vintage touch over time. Plated with precious metals like gold and silver gives the wire a classy appearance.



For a richer materiality, we often integrate natural gemstones and Swarovski crystal in wire art. Crystal and gemstone work best with jewellery.


Sterling Silver

Also known as 925 silver: consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The alloy is slightly harder than copper, suitable for more experienced artist. Perfect for fine jewellery.