Artist Profile

Winnie Tam is a wire artist and founder of Winnie the Wire Artist (former Simply Tezukuri), who has been dedicated to wire art since 2014. Influenced by her education in textile art and architectural design, she is fascinated by wire’s flexibility and transformation in creating infinite art forms from a simple strand. Her work is a combination of delicacy of stability and aesthetics.

She believes the meaning of her wire art comes from expressing people’s stories, emotions and gratitudes to their loved ones. She is inspired by observing the surroundings and then corelating different matters with her imagination.

Winnie has been invited to various institutes and brands for her wire art over the years, including Christian Dior for promoting fragrance collection in 2019 and live wire art making session during the exhibition “Hong Kong Urban Alternatives” in 2018.

In 2020, Winnie started working as a full-time wire artist. She established another brand W Jewellery, where she explores the beauty of continuity, by creating spectacular composition with continuous lines. Visit the online store here:




Aluminium wire is widely used in our artworks. Originally in matt silver, various colours are available with enamel coating. It is easy to shape and light-weight, suitable for accessories, table decor, etc. Perfect material for beginners to work with.



We use copper wire for bookmark making, for its tough property. Bare copper is found in reddish-brown; it will naturally tarnish, adding a vintage touch over time. Plated with precious metals like gold and silver gives the wire a classy appearance.



For a richer materiality, we often integrate natural gemstones and Swarovski crystal in wire art. Crystal and gemstone work best with jewellery.


Sterling Silver

Also known as 925 silver: consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The alloy is slightly harder than copper, suitable for more experienced artist. Perfect for fine jewellery.